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One of Macsara’s most popular hair extension lines is their Straight Dark Brown Tape-in hair extensions. This analysis will examine the key features and benefits of these top-selling dark brown hair extensions to help salons and wholesalers evaluate if they should import this product.

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Macsarahair Vietnam is the leading manufacturer of high-quality and affordable hair extensions in Vietnam. Headquartered in Hanoi, Macsara has over 10 years of experience crafting premium tape-in hair extensions made from 100% remy human hair.

One of Macsara’s most popular hair extension lines is their Straight Dark Brown Tape-in hair extensions. This analysis will examine the key features and benefits of these top-selling dark brown hair extensions to help salons and wholesalers evaluate if they should import this product.

Straight Dark Brown Tape-in hair extensions
Straight Dark Brown Tape-in hair extensions

Overview of Macsarahair Vietnam

Macsarahair launched in 2012 in Hanoi, Vietnam. They focus exclusively on manufacturing 100% virgin Remy human hair extensions sourced ethically from Asian donors.

With a state-of-the-art factory and over 300 skilled workers, Macsara is able to produce thousands of hair extension pieces daily while maintaining rigorous quality control.

Their products are sold in over 30 countries globally through wholesale and white label partners. Domestically, Macsara supplies hair extensions to thousands of Vietnamese hair salons.

Macsarahair’s extensive experience, ethical sourcing, and obsession with quality have cemented their position as Vietnam’s #1 supplier of wholesale hair extensions.

Why Salons and Wholesalers Should Import from Macsarahair

There are several compelling reasons for hair salons and wholesale distributors to import tape-in har extensions from Macsarahair Vietnam rather than other manufacturers:

Unbeatable Value

Macsara is able to leverage their massive production volumes and Vietnamese supply chains to offer salon-grade 100% Remy hair extensions at extremely affordable pricing.

Their value proposition makes Macsarahair extensions more budget-friendly for end consumers compared to European or North American brands. This allows salons to earn higher profits while keeping clients happy.

Speedy Delivery Worldwide

Another benefit of Macsara’s scale is their ability to provide prompt worldwide delivery through major couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

Salons can rapidly replenish popular extension styles and lengths rather than waiting weeks or months. Quick shipping also reduces inventory carrying costs.

Premium Quality

Despite their low pricing, Macsarahair adheres to stringent standards for selecting only high-quality Remy hair from single donors as well as precision craftsmanship techniques.

Each strand is hand-inspected multiple times throughout the manufacturing process. Defective hair is discarded.

The result is beautiful 100% Remy tape-in extensions that appear and feel as lush as salon hair extensions costing 2-3x more.

Diverse Styles

Moreover, Macsara offers an enormous range of hair extension options. Salons can select exactly the colors, lengths, textures, and installation methods their clients desire rather than settling.

Notable for this Straight Dark Brown Tape-in hair review, Macsarahair carries over 30 different brown shades from Ash Brown to Chocolate along with multiple styles from poker straight Brazilian hair to loose beach waves.

This versatility makes the company an ideal one-stop shop!

Overview of Macsarahair’s Straight Dark Brown Tape-in Hair Extensions

Straight Dark Brown Tape-in hair extensions
Straight Dark Brown Tape-in hair extensions

Transitioning to analyze Macsara’s top-selling Straight Dark Brown Tape-in specifically, these are 100% Remy hair extensions designed for extended wear and seamless blending with natural hair.

Hair Features

This straight dark brown style is ethically-sourced from Asian hair donors with luscious locks that shine with ruby red and cool chocolate undertones when light hits them.

Only the healthiest virgin hair is collected, with each strand cuticle-aligned for tangling resistance and hydration retention. They are incredibly soft to the touch.

These undyed virgin brown hair extensions match nearly flawlessly with natural brunette and black hair colors, especially for South Asian or East Asian clientele.

The hair has been lightly steam-processed to remove any natural wave while preserving smoothness. Resulting in perfectly straight, sleek locks.

These straight dark brown hair tape extensions flow beautifully down the back and blend imperceptibly with natural hair.

Hair Advantages

This organic dark brown shade has other advantages too:

  • Purity – undyed and chemical-free, reducing irritation
  • Versatility – matches 90% of brunette clients seeking subtle enhancement
  • Durability – virgin hair withstands styling and maintains condition longer
  • Affordability – virgin hair costs far less than dyed jet black hair

For these reasons, Macsarahair’s Straight Dark Brown tape-in extensions deliver fantastic value, quality, and easy maintenance.

Lengths Available

These straight brown tape-ins are available in 10 different lengths ranging from 14 inches for a shoulder skimmer bob to 32 inches for dramatic thigh-length mermaid hair.

In between, stylists can choose sweet 16 inches, classic 18-22 inches, or glamorous 24-30 inches. Custom lengths are also possible for large wholesale orders.

Having this breadth of options makes it simple for salons to select each client’s perfect hair length.

Hair Textures

This straight dark brown style is sold in three different hair textures to suit every woman’s needs:

150g – Full thickness, matches clients with voluminous natural hair
120g – Medium density, suits most hair types
100g – Light and airy for fine or thinning hair

By stocking multiple textures, salons can seamlessly blend tape-in extensions and create customizable volume/density as desired. If one texture sells out, alternatives fit most clients.

Highlights Option

For extra dimension, Macsarahair offers multi-tonal 120g straight dark brown tape ins with subtle chocolate brown and caramel blonde highlighting.

The highlights provide depth, glossiness and a summery sun-kissed effect while minimizing visible regrowth.

This is a great option for ladies wanting to softly enhance their natural brunette color and lighten it 1-2 shades without drastic dyeing.

End Types

These straight dark brown extensions are constructed with U-tip fusion bonds on the ends to fuse securely to hair when installed.

Salons can select either:

  • Hot melt bonds – Pre-glued bonds simply activate with a melting tool
  • Keratin bonds – Protein bonds slowly fuse for adjustable application

Both offer strong hold, seamless blending, and long-lasting wear when installed correctly.

Hot melt bonds are quick while keratin tips provide more flexibility.

Why Macsarahair’s Straight Dark Brown Tape-Ins Are Ideal Extensions

Let’s summarize why Macsara’s Straight Dark Brown Tape-in hair extensions make exceptional additions for salon clients:

Subtle Undyed Dark Brown Color

The organic virgin Asian brown shade offers a perfect color match for most brunette and black-haired beauties seeking only subtle enhancement rather than a complete makeover.

Hair seamlessly and undetectably blends in with minimal regrowth maintenance.

Ladies can gracefully grow out and trim hair without harsh lines. These characteristics lead to very natural looking extended locks.

Smooth Straight Texture

The expertly steam-processed, pin-straight texture blends beautifully and minimizes tangles by up to 80% compared to curly extensions which twist together.

Straight tape-in extensions result in easier daily styling, brushing, and overall management for customers.

Even busy career women can maintain glamorous hair confidently.

Customizable Volume

With 150g, 120g and 100g density options, stylists can fine-tune fullness perfectly to each unique client for imperceptible augmentation.

Contrary to clip-ins unevenly boosting volume, tape-ins distribute weight evenly along the head for consistency.

Rapid Installation

Hot melt and keratin bonds allow rapid tape-in installation with minimal disturbance to a client’s natural hair compared to sewing or clipping.

Customers can get lengthy lush locks in under 2 hours and walk out feeling transformed.

Salons also minimize labor costs and can service more clients daily.


The U-tipped bondsalso allow easy adjustment, removal, and replacement of individual tape weft sections as desired over time.

So women can refresh color, length, volume quickly with no damage to their real hair. Tape-ins offer versatility.

Durability & Reusability

When cared for properly, these undyed Asian tape-in hair extensions last 4-6 months before needing removal and can often be reinstalled 1-2 times.

This longevity keeps customers satisfied and returning to the salon to

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How long does the adhesive hold?

Answer: Macsara uses the highest-quality tape adhesive on the market, which is able to hold for at least 8 weeks before it needs to be re-taped. The tape creates such a strong bond that it won’t slip out even when you shower, swim, or play sports.

Can I reuse my tape-in hair extensions?

Answer: Of course, yes. One of the best things about tape-in hair extensions is that they are reusable. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you should have your tape-in extensions removed and reinstalled every 6-8 weeks, so they will remain in good condition for the months to come.

How long will Macsara’s tape-in hair extensions last?

Answer: Our tape-in hair extensions are made from the highest-quality material, so they can last up to 6 months as long as you take care of them properly.

How many pieces of tape-in extensions do I need?

Answer: A standard bundle of our tape-in hair extensions weighs 100gr and contains about 40 pieces. The number of pieces you need depends on how thick your hair is. Generally, thinner hair requires fewer tape-in extensions than thicker hair. Therefore, for a full-head installation, it’s recommended to get 40 pieces for thin hair and 60 pieces for medium/ thick hair.

Can I dye and style bulk hair extensions?

Answer: Yes, you can. The fact that our bulk hair extensions are made from high-quality Remy human hair means that they can be treated like your own without becoming tangled or shed.

How long will tape-in hair extensions take to apply?

Answer: Our tape-in hair extensions take just less than 1 hour for a full-head installation, which is comparatively quicker than many other methods.

How do I remove my tape-in hair extensions?

Answer: Tape-in hair extension removal is quite easy, but you should have it done by a hairstylist for the best results. A specialized tape remover will be used to loosen the adhesive and after a certain amount of time, the tape-in extensions can be gently pulled out of your hair.

Will tape-in hair extensions damage my hair?

Answer: No. Tape-in hair extensions are known to be one of the least-damaging hair extensions available. They are so thin and lightweight that they won’t put too much weight on your hair, which can cause hair breakage and hair loss. Additionally, they require no heat, chemicals, or special tools and techniques to install, so your hair will be treated gently during the installation process.

The time it takes for your order to reach your door depends on where you are in the world. An order will take 3-7 days to reach your shipping address. Talk to our sales agent to get an accurate estimated delivery time. Meanwhile, here is a table for quick reference.


Warehouse Destination Shipping Agent Shipping time
Vietnam US, Canada UPS, FedEx 3-4 days
Vietnam Mexico UPS, FedEx, DHL 5-6 days
Vietnam UK, Europe UPS, FedEx 4-5 days
Vietnam Africa UPS, DHL 6-7 days
Vietnam Brazil Contact us for more info Contact us for more info

NOTED: Time may be faster or slower than planned due to factors of weather, location, …


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Hair Color Black Blonde Brown Color
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Bundle with type Bundle
Hair grade 100% Vietnam Remy Hair
Material Vietnamese Hair
Textile 100% unprocessed hair, Silky, Soft, All cuticle
Hair feature No shedding,No tangling
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Made in Viet Nam
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